Crystals are known for their unique properties. They are vibrational beings and respond to energy and light in a fashion which has intrigued Shamanic practitioners to modern-day Hindu and Buddhist priests.


Crystals are known to carry energy, respond to energy. They are purest in their raw form when extracted from the earth. But as they came in contact with the surroundings, several other people, it also soaks in their energies good or bad. By the time the crystal reaches your hand, it is not the same crystal that was unearthed with its raw purity. It is important to cleanse your crystals before use. 

Also, after repeated use, the crystal may not vibe the same. A lot in crystal healing is dependent on the intuition and the positive vibes the crystals emit. Frequent use may load the crystal with a lot of not so good energy and calls for care. 

Crystal Charging Methods:


* Placing them under the full moon.

* Soak them in moon water.

  be sure to only do this with stones that can tolerate getting wet.

* Bury them in the ground. (leave the stone buried for at least one week)

* Give them a sound bath. (place in singing bowl and ring it)

* Burn incense or herbs over them. (for approximately two to three minutes)

* Immerse them in salt. (preferably sea salt) 

**not all crystals/stones  are water safe**


Why do You Need to Program Your Crystals?

For your crystals to work and give you the most healing benefits, you need to know how to program crystals.

You need to ask your crystals to perform their functions and help you in making your intentions manifest in your reality.

The purpose of programming a crystal is to focus its energies on a specific goal, intention, or desire.

A programmed crystal becomes more powerful, useful, and effective.

If you don’t program your crystals, it’s like taking your boat out to sea and shouting to the waves to just take you anywhere!

That’s exactly where you’ll end up and what you’ll get. You will end up anywhere with just about anything as a result.

As a good practice keep the crystal carefully by your nightstand, by an idol of your God & Goddesses. You can wear it if suggested by the practitioner. Nonetheless, keep it away from other influences in your personal space.