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La Luna Magick

Abundance & Prosperity Crystal Collection

Abundance & Prosperity Crystal Collection

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Unlock metaphysical energy and unlock your abundance and prosperity potential with this Abundance & Prosperity Crystal Collection. Featuring a variety of crystals carefully curated for their energy-balancing potential, this kit is perfect for anyone seeking to introduce more purpose and positivity into their lives.

Abundance & Prosperity Crystal Collection is made with stones that help attached money, prosperity and wealth into your life.

A gorgeous selection of crystals, chosen for their unique energy signature, aiding manifestation creation good luck energies when either held or placed nearby.

Perfect for your spiritual or healing practice, gift giving, Feng Shui, helping you on your spiritual journey and a great addition to any crystal enthusiast's collection.   

This collection includes one six piece crystal bundle: 

Citrine - abundance, cleansing, emotional balance

Clear Quartz - enhancing, Master Healer, amplifying

Green Aventurine - growth, abundance, healing

Labradorite -  strength, transformation, intuition

Pyrite - Manifestation and Abundance

Tiger Eye - protection, creativity, balance

Comes in a green velveteen bag with Crystal Cleansing & Charging instructions.   

**Please remember that all crystals are unique, just like you!! You may not receive the exact crystals in the picture, but you will receive the same type & quality! Size and color may vary.

Thank you so much!   


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