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Abundance & Prosperity / Ven Dinero Melt Cups

Abundance & Prosperity / Ven Dinero Melt Cups

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Keep your burner clean by using a wax cup, simply let wax cool and remove easily.

Open your roads for prosperity in your life with money and business, open new opportunities. 

Candle Scent:  Cinnamon 

Crystals in Candle: 

Citrine - abundance, cleansing, emotional balance

Green Aventurine - growth, abundance, healing

Pyrite - Manifestation and Abundance


Herbs in Candle:

Cinnamon -said to bring in cash quickly but also protects and promotes healing,

Five Finger Grass - For success in all the things that five fingers can do. 

Lemongrass - Attract wealth and brings luck and happiness

Sage - Protection, welcomes the flow of money, good health, and abundance.

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