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La Luna Magick

Beard Oil

Beard Oil

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Discover the Legends: Signature Beard Oils by La Luna Magick

Embark on a grooming journey inspired by the ancient Norse sagas with our signature beard oils – Odin, Thor, Loki, and Baldr. Crafted for modern warriors seeking to channel the essence of legendary Norse gods, each elixir captures the spirit of strength, wisdom, and untamed nature.


Invoke the wisdom of Odin with our signature beard oil. Enriched with the rich, earthy notes of Amber, the captivating allure of Black Oud, and the grounding essence of Cedar, this elixir embodies the depth and strength of the Allfather. 


Channel the thunderous power of Thor with our invigorating beard oil. The bright burst of Bergamot, combined with the steadfast presence of Cedar and the floral grace of Geranium, creates a harmonious blend. Musk undertones bring an underlying strength, embodying the might of the Thunder God.


Embrace the mischievous charm of Loki with our enchanting beard oil. The woody allure of Cedarwood, the calming touch of Lavender, and the mysterious depth of Patchouli come together in this playful elixir. Let your beard tell tales of cunning and charisma with Loki.



Experience the purity and grace of Baldr with our refreshing beard oil. The crisp coolness of Spearmint, the delicate elegance of Rose, and the floral notes of Lily create a harmonious symphony. Let Baldr's essence adorn your beard with a fragrance that embodies beauty and vitality.

**Why La Luna Magick Beard Oils?**
We pay homage to the legendary Norse pantheon. Our beard oils are not just grooming essentials; they're an invitation to embody the strength, charisma, and wisdom of the gods. Explore the collection and let your beard become a legend in itself.

Explore the Legends. Choose Your La Luna Magick Beard Oil.

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