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La Luna Magick

Crescent Shape Pendant

Crescent Shape Pendant

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Crystal - Stone

Crescent Shaped Pendant

4x2cm, is perfect for positive energy and peace of mind. A perfect pendant will make your meditation area calm, spiritual, allowing you to meditate more energetically.
The charms are designed in crescent moon
shape, delicate and elegant. Pendant is
something that is directly in touch with
your body, therefore have a maximum
impact on you. We offer different options
of gemstones, choose one according to
your mood and dressing style, good for
daily wear. All these items are handmade
so the size of the actual item you received
could be slightly different.

Nourish your soul with a powerful healing
crystal. Wear it over your heart to bring
spiritual guidance. 

EFFECT - The stone is of sufficient
vibrations to be used for rituals, yoga,
meditation, and reiki healing.

TIMELESS PIECE - Designed to make you
feel confident, with beautiful gemstones
that are the epitome of nature and beauty.

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