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Full Moon Incense

Full Moon Incense

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Loose incense Full Moon Blend

Every phase of the moon creates a different kind of energy, the moons energy doesn’t only affect the oceans and water, it affects every part of the planet and us.  It affects our moods and our body metaphorically.  This energy means that the Full moon is the perfect time to harness that power, the full moon is the perfect time for rituals relating to abundance, wish fulfillment, manifestation of desires and dreams, sexuality, and protection.  

This incense blend has been especially blended to help you harness the magic and energy of the full moon.

How To Use

Using tongs, light a charcoal disc and place in a heatproof ceramic dish or bowl. Allow the disc to burn across and once the charcoal disc starts to turn a grey rather than black, add a small amount (a pinch) of your loose incense to the middle of the charcoal disc and allow the incense to smoulder and smoke. As you are preparing and burning the incense focus on the goal you want to achieve and surround yourself in the energy and cleansing smoke from the incense.

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