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Healing Crystal Collection

Healing Crystal Collection

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This Healing Crystal Collection can support you as you walk through this particularly dark side of life. I have put these particular crystals together specifically for healing from all of the various pieces that come with loss. 

This collection includes one four piece crystal bundle:  

Clear Quartz - Balance- amplifies energy by absorbing, storing, releasing and regulating it.

Obsidian - Protective - helps to get rid of emotional blockage and promote qualities. 

Red Jasper - Empowering- supports you through times of stress.

Rose Quartz - Love - restores trust and harmony in all different kinds of relationship. 


Comes in a black velveteen bag with Crystal Cleansing & Charging instructions.   

**Please remember that all crystals are unique, just like you!! You may not receive the exact crystals in the picture, but you will receive the same type & quality! Size and color may vary. Thank you so much!  

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