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Protection Organic Soap Bar

Protection Organic Soap Bar

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 Experience the power of protection with our handcrafted Protection Soap, specially made during the waning moon to harness energies that ward off negativity and enhance safety. Infused with the purifying Sage Leaf fragrance, this soap features a potent blend of lemongrass, mugwort, and sage. Each ingredient is carefully selected for its renowned protective and cleansing properties. Use daily to shield yourself from negative influences and create a barrier of positivity and peace. Embrace the waning moon's energy and fortify your defenses with every wash.



Size: 5 oz. Bar

To Use:  

To effectively use your Protection Soap, follow these steps:

1. **Set Your Intention**: Before using the soap, take a moment to focus on your intention for protection. Visualize a shield of positive energy surrounding you, blocking out any negativity.

2. **Daily Use**: Incorporate the soap into your regular bathing or hand-washing routine. As you lather, think about cleansing away any negative energies and reinforcing your protective barrier.

3. **Affirmations**: While using the soap, recite positive affirmations related to protection. For example, "I am surrounded by a shield of light and safety" or "Negative energies are washed away, and I am protected."

4. **Mindful Washing**: Pay attention to the sensations and scents of the soap. Let the fragrance of sage leaf and the properties of lemongrass, mugwort, and sage enhance your sense of protection and well-being.

5. **Ritual Use**: For added effectiveness, use the soap during specific rituals or on particular days that align with protection, such as Saturdays, which are traditionally associated with banishing and protection in some spiritual practices.

6. **Consistent Use**: Use the soap regularly to maintain your protective shield and keep your energy clear and positive.

By following these steps, you can maximize the protective benefits of your soap and create a daily practice of reinforcing your safety and well-being.

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