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Weight Loss Crystal Collection

Weight Loss Crystal Collection

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Weight Loss healing crystal collection has been carefully created by selecting healing crystals that complement each other and their healing properties. This beautiful crystal healing set helps during weight loss process mentally and physically. It helps to adjust to new changes and daily lifestyle habits. This crystal healing set will allow you to achieve your weight loss goal. 

This collection includes one five piece crystal bundle:  

Citrine - Stability, Spiritual growth, Self confidence, Calmness, Improve digestion.

Fluorite - Focus, Concentration, Purification, Clear communication, Creativity.

Green Aventurine  - Stability, Detox, Cleansing, Soothes anxiety and stress.

Hematite - Detoxifying, Grounding, Conquer overeating, Strength, Self esteem.

Red Tiger Eye - Metabolism speed up, Motivation, Courage, Balance, Empowering.

Comes in a black velveteen bag with Crystal Cleansing & Charging instructions.  

**Please remember that all crystals are unique, just like you!! You may not receive the exact crystals in the picture, but you will receive the same type & quality! Size and color may vary. Thank you so much!  

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