Which Goddess Are You?

Which Goddess Are You?

Aphrodite~ I'm worth it! ~
Self-love, Fun-loving,  exuberant, playful & generous.

Artemis ~ I'd rather do it my way! ~
Assertiveness, Confident, unconventional, innovative & decisive

Arachne ~ Tell it like it is! ~
Integrity, Courageous, out-spoken, principled & creative

Atalanta  ~ Reach for the stars! ~
Autonomy/Independence, Enthusiastic, adventurous, innovative & independent

Athena ~ Nothing's impossible if you put your mind to it! ~
Knowledge/Wisdom, Self-reliant, trustworthy, industrious & tenacious

Bast~ Work hard. Play even harder! ~
Exuberance, Joyful, curious, energetic & playful

Demeter ~ I'll go to the ends of the earth for you. ~
Theme: Resolve, Determined, well-organized, nurturing, & deeply caring

Freya~ Life is short, so go for the good stuff!~
Passion, Witty, sensual, emotional, adventurous & sophisticated

Hecate ~ If it makes life more interesting, I'm all for it! ~
Tolerance, Quiet, intuitive, accepting & calmly tranquil

Hera ~ Love me tender, love me strong . . . ~
Commitment, Caring, friendly, loyal and cooperative

Hestia~ Look within yourself. You have all that you need. ~
Balance, Self-contained, organized, mature & centered

Inanna ~ Nothing is to be feared, only understood. ~
Honesty/Virtue, Curious, creative, idealistic, & dedicated

Isis~ Spread your wings . . . anything's possible! ~
Resourcefulness, Visionary, daring, enthusiastic & deeply emotional

Pele ~ I want it, I deserve it, I get it! ~
Personal boundaries, Exuberant, dynamic, friendly but sets limits

Persephone ~ Follow your dreams! ~
Flexibility, Imaginative, innovative, sympathetic & peace-loving

Psyche ~ Dare to dream big! ~
Personal growth, Self-assured, open-minded, sensitive & deeply caring

~ Follow Your Dreams! ~
Confidence, Self-assured, intensely private, logical & resourceful

Tara~ I'll be here for you . . . always! ~
Compassion, Perceptive, supportive, gentle & understanding

Yemaya ~ Go with the flow. ~
Calmness in the face of change, Competent, agreeable, helpful & loving

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