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FENUGREEK – used often in money drawing spells and mixtures.

Carried with your money for prosperity, increase in wages, lucky money-finding, and wealth.

An excellent herb for “house-money” spells, meaning spells to bring money to the home. It can be used to increase the prosperity of those who live in the home and is also excellent for those who have a home business.

Burn a mixture of Fenugreek, ground Allspice, Patchouli, and Dragon’s Blood on a charcoal in the home to attract money.

To Draw Cash to Your Home: Keep a few Fenugreek seeds in a open container on the kitchen table to attract cash into the house. Put out new seeds each week and add the old ones to the scrub water with which you clean the kitchen, along with a few drops of Money-Drawing Oil.

1 oz bag


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