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Money Drawing Organic Soap Bar

Money Drawing Organic Soap Bar

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Discover the power of prosperity with our handcrafted Money Drawing Soap, created during the waxing moon to harness the energies of growth and abundance. Infused with a refreshing peppermint fragrance, this soap combines the potent properties of lemongrass, five finger grass, cinnamon, and patchouli. Each ingredient is carefully selected for its historical association with attracting wealth and good fortune. Use daily to cleanse your body and invigorate your financial journey. Embrace the waxing moon's promise and let your prosperity flourish with every wash.

Size: 5 oz. Bar

To Use:  

To use money drawing soap effectively, follow these steps:

1. **Set Your Intention**: Before using the soap, take a moment to focus on your financial goals and set a clear intention. Visualize the prosperity and abundance you wish to attract.

2. **Daily Use**: Incorporate the soap into your daily bathing or hand-washing routine. As you lather, think about your financial desires and imagine them coming to fruition.

3. **Affirmations**: While using the soap, you can recite positive affirmations related to wealth and success. For example, "Money flows easily and abundantly into my life" or "I am attracting financial prosperity."

4. **Mindful Washing**: Use the soap mindfully, paying attention to the scents and the sensation of cleansing. Let go of any negative thoughts about money and focus on positive outcomes.

5. **Consistent Use**: Consistency is key. Use the soap regularly to reinforce your intentions and keep your focus on attracting wealth.

6. **Ritual Use**: For an added spiritual touch, you might use the soap during a special ritual or on specific days that align with your financial goals, such as Thursdays, which are traditionally associated with prosperity and abundance in some spiritual practices.

By following these steps, you can maximize the potential of your money drawing soap and align your daily habits with your financial aspirations.

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