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Mercury Retrograde Candle

Mercury Retrograde Candle

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In 2024, Mercury will be in apparent retrograde motion during the following ranges of dates: 

  • December 13, 2023, to January 1, 2024
  • April 1 to April 24
  • August 4 to August 27
  • November 25 to December 15

Please note that dates reflect Eastern Time U.S., not Universal Time.

Our Mercury in Retrograde Candles were created specially to guide you in staying balanced, grounded and clear minded while Mercury is in retrograde.

What is a Retrograde Planet?

Retrograde is the apparent backward motion of a planet through the zodiac or an astrological sign when the planet is observed from the earth. In other words, it's a faster moving planet passing a slower moving plant. Creating the illusion that the slower planet is moving backward, or retrograde.  

The planet Mercury rules communication in all forms—listening, writing, reading, speaking, and so on—as well as activities closely related to communication, like negotiations and contracts. It also rules travel, automobiles, shipping, and mail.

Candle Scent: warm black, amber embraced by sweet plum accents, tender sage, citrus, and cardamom amid sheer hints of rich chrysanthemum, cinnamon, and spiced ginger over soft myrrh and dark woody musk’s.

Crystals in Candle: 

Howlite - Can absorb and eliminate stress, anger, irritation, anxiety, and negative energy that you are experiencing internally or receiving from others. Howlite can calm down your thoughts and feelings, helping you to take a deep breath before acting (or overreacting). It can help you to remain objective and clear-headed, so that you can prevent an issue from escalating while accessing potential solutions.

Pyrite - Will keep you sharp, so that you don’t miss any important details in contracts, business, or other areas where you need to comprehend the fine print. It also vitalizes your physical and mental energies, while boosting your attitude, confidence, and manifestation power. Having a positive, empowered attitude will serve you in shining through any challenge that might be thrown your way

Sodalite - Can calm and unwind uncomfortable emotional states, such as fear, stress, anxiety, guilt, and anger. Sodalite can also help to relax a revved up mind so that you can more easily move into an altered, meditative state.                                                                   

Herbs in Candle -

Rosemary - not only supports mental clarity and alertness, but is also deeply connected to our memory. Rosemary brings healing to painful memories and shines light towards our forgotten gifts. 

Holy Basil - supports a calm, clear mind while helping our bodies adapt to everyday stressors, supports focus and alertness.

For maximum magical results, do not blow the candle out - SNUFF IT OUT. 

  • Hand-poured 
  • 100% natural soy
  • lead-free wicks
  • Charged by the full moon 
  • Crystals from my shop to help set your intention. 
  • Love and positive energy goes into every candle.   

If crystals fall onto wicks wait until wax cools and use a spoon to guide the crystal back to the side wall of the glass. When your candles is finished cleanse crystals and vessel with hot water and soap. 


Candles are custom made, No returns, No cancellations, No exchanges.

Fire Safety!

To prevent fire and serious injury, burn candle within sight and on a sturdy fireproof dish. Keep away from children and pets. Trim wick to 5mm and burn for no longer than 4 hours at a time. These candles may have dried herbs and magical ingredients that pack a punch and will catch light when first lit. It's your responsibility to make sure your candle is safe at all times.

If wick becomes 'mushroomed' just trim before lighting next time for a clean burn.


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