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The Moon Tarot Card Pendant Necklace Gold

The Moon Tarot Card Pendant Necklace Gold

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This unique necklace features a small card shaped pendant, detailed with a blackened design of a hand with an eye in the centre, known as a Hamsa Hand, with 'fortune' wording below it, inspired by tarot cards. The pendant is suspended from a delicate trace chain, which fastens via lobster clasp and extender links.

Tarot cards were originally used back in the mid 15th century as playing cards for certain games across Europe, but in the late 18th century the occult began to take them seriously, specifically for divination purposes. Today, people can have their fortunes read from the cards, and take away from the readings their own interpretations of the cards they were presented. Our card, inspired by tarot decks, is 'fortune' and features a hamsa hand design which represents protection to those who wear it, making it perfect as a jewellery gift for someone you care about.


chain length - can be worn at 41cm (16") or 46cm (18")
pendant - length 2cm

Made from

18ct gold plated brass

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