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Love Myself Crystal Collection

Love Myself Crystal Collection

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The Love Myself Crystal Collection includes crystals perfect for reminding you to always be kind and loving to yourself.  

This collection includes one five piece crystal bundle: 

Amethyst - helps us to understand others so that we can have more loving responses in our communications.

Citrine - promotes high energy and positivity that paves the way for love, passion, and joy. 

Emerald - promotes loyalty, romantic bliss, and partnership.

Rhodonite - brings us to a state of forgiveness and compassion, increasing our feeling of love for everyone we come into contact with.

Rose Quartz- aids in areas of love and self-acceptance. Its beauty carries a soft, feminine energy and circulates unconditional love and a gentle nurturing energy throughout its user. 

Comes in a black velveteen bag with Crystal Cleansing & Charging instructions.   

**Please remember that all crystals are unique, just like you!! You may not receive the exact crystals in the picture, but you will receive the same type & quality! Size and color may vary. Thank you so much! 

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